Regasco Invited To 1st Whirlpool MAYTAG Laundry Summit 2019

Regasco Invited To 1st Whirlpool MAYTAG Laundry Summit 2019

Regasco recently received an invite by Whirlpool MAYTAG Commercial Laundry to its summit last November 13. The event highlighted “Bring Your Business Success” as its summit theme. 

Just as Regasco is the fast-rising LPG brand in the Philippines, Whirlpool MAYTAG Commercial Laundry machines has been tested and proven to be the leading brand in both commercial and industrial laundry equipment.

Aiming to provide the best solutions for growing laundromat business in Philippines, Whirlpool MAYTAG reached out to Regasco via an invitation to grace its summit. The move is proof that the laundromat brand recognizes Regasco as a mover and shaker in the LPG industry.

Whirlpool MAYTAG and Regasco clearly belong to different industry sectors. Yet the Whirlpool MAYTAG Commercial Laundry Summit recognizes that the business insights of Regasco’s top executives are essential to the collective growth of the Philippine economy. 

Both Regasco and Whirlpool MAYTAG have ongoing seminars in several key areas like safety and business opportunities that are available for the public.  To get more information, check out the Regasco website at and the Whirlpool Maytag Philippines website at