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Basta Regasco, sigurado.


June 22, 2023


Your privacy and personal data are of utmost importance to us; we have created this Privacy Policy which outlines how and when Republic Gas Corporation (hereinafter called “Regasco”), including all of its refilling plants, outlet stores, and offices collect, use, process, retain, and disclose any personal information you provide us as well as the purpose for such collection, use, processing, retention, disclosure, and disposal. We will only collect, use, process, retain, and disclose your personal data pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

This Policy shall be applicable for all users of the Regasco mobile and/or web application and/or website as well as in-store or plant customers who avail of the services and/or products of Regasco. These persons shall be referred to as “Data Subject”.

Regasco reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time; any updates shall be reflected on this page. The data subject is expected to periodically check this Privacy Notice in order to keep himself updated with the policies


I . Regasco may collect data about the Data Subject when he/she:

1. Uses and/or creates an account on the Regasco application (hereinafter “application”)

2. Browses the website and/or application;

3. Avails of or purchases any product and/or service of Regasco whether via the application, via phone call, or in-store;

4. Interacts with our in-app or over the phone customer support agents;

5. Enters into any other transaction with Regasco;

6. Submits or posts any request, feedback, inquiry, or complaint;

7. Allows or grants permission on his/her device to share information and/or allow access to certain features with the application; or

8. Submits his/her personal data for any other lawful reason.


I. Upon obtaining the Data Subject’s consent, the personal data that Regasco may collect includes but is not limited to:

  1. Data related to Identity

a. Name;

b. Mobile Number;

c. Email Address;

d. Address;

e. Username;

f. Password;

g. Photopraphs;

h. Government issued identification (e.g., license number); and

i. Business-related information

2. Transaction account details;

a. bank account details;

b. Credit card details;

c. Electronic Wallted details;

d. In-app wallet details;

e. Order history and details;

f. Delivery history of riders; and

g. Correspondence with Regasco via the application or phone support.

3. Geolocation in relation to the delivery status of the customer’s order.

4. Feedback of the customer on the products and/or services availed of.

5. Unique device identifiers.

6. Other relevant data.

II. Regasco will only collect reasonably necessary data in order to provide you with the proper services.


I. The data enumerated in Part B of this Privacy Policy may be collected, used, disclosed, processed, and/or retained for the following purposes:

  1. Processing of order/s or transaction/s;
  2. Administration of the user’s account created via the application or website;
  3. Locating the address to which delivery is to be made, and providing updates on the status of such delivery;
  4. Ascertaining the real-time location of delivery riders;
  5. To communicate or interact with the Data Subject;
  6. Providing customer service and responding to any queries and/or customer concerns;
  7. To analyze the application traffic and usage for product, services, and business development;
  8. To comply with legal requirements and/or any lawful order from law enforcement, government agencies, and/or judicial bodies;
  9. For the conduct of routinary or necessary technical updates;
  10. To facilitate payment for products and/or services purchased;
  11. Monitoring of sales records and trends;
  12. Lawful Activities pertinent to sales transaction/s of the Data Subject;
  13. Advertisement and Marketing Purpose/s (No identifiable data will be used); and
  14. Research Purpose/s.

II. Any data collected may also be processed for any other purpose expressly consented to by the Data Subject in any other document and/or platform.


I. In order to achieve the purposes stated in Part C of this Privacy Policy, we will be sharing your personal data with other users and/or parties in instances such as:

  1. Providing the assigned rider with the customer’s name and geolocation and vice versa;
  2. Providing the customer with the rider’s cellular number, profile information, photograph, and vehicle information;
  3. Providing our customer support staff with the name, address, order history, and contact details of the customer;
  4. Providing the assigned refilling plant or showroom with the customer’s and/or rider’s personal and order details;
  5. Displaying of customer feedback and review;
  6. Necessary disclosure to:

i. IT service providers;

ii. Online payment platforms;

iii. Third party cloud platform and/or storage provider/s;

7. Compliance with legal requirements and/or any lawful order from law enforcement, government agencies, and/or judicial bodies.

II. Consent of the Data Subject must first be secured for any other disclosure not listed above. All disclosures to third parties shall be secured by a confidentiality agreement.

III. Disclosure by users of personal information to other users (including riders) or any other disclosure done outside of the Regasco application, website, or hotline is beyond the control and protection of Regasco and is not included within the scope of this Privacy Policy. Users are cautioned to exercise due diligence and care in sharing their personal information outside of the aforementioned platforms.


  1. Regasco shall only retain any personal data collected for five (5) years reckoned from the date of collection. Should there arise a necessity to retain the personal data for a longer period, the data subject shall be informed and his consent secured. In such case, Regasco shall only retain the personal data for as long as reasonably necessary.
  2. Data subjects may delete their account with Regasco through the application or by contacting Regasco as provided in Part H of this Privacy Policy.
  3. During the period of retention, Regasco shall strive to ensure the integrity and quality of the data collected.


I. Organizational Measures

  1. Regasco will only collect, use, process, retain, and disclose personal information in accordance with this Data Privacy Policy.
  2. There shall only be a limited number of Regasco employees who have access to the data collected and they shall only access such data when necessary.
  3. All outsourced services shall be subject to a Confidentiality Agreement or any similar document and their access shall be limited only to such data as is necessarily needed.
  4. The processing of personal data by outsourced services, when applicable, shall be under the direct control of Regasco.  

II. Technical and Physical Measures

  1. We have an SSL Encryption for our self-generated SSL in our external server. This security measure is present on any kind of device being used by the users.
  2. The data collected from the Regasco application will only be stored on our cloud server’s database storage which is also encrypted by encryption technology.
  3. There exists a User Role Module for users to limit the access of the users to certain data that should be accessed by a specific group of users only.
  4. All physical copies of data shall be kept in locked cabinets and other receptacles. The keys to such shall be kept by the Data Protection Officer and other authorized officers and access shall be limited to necessary employees only.
  5. Privacy Impact Exercises will be conducted periodically in order to test the integrity of our security measures.
  6. After the period provided in letter E hereof or when the personal data collected is deemed to be no longer essential in order to achieve the purposes enumerated in letter C of this Privacy Policy, Regasco will deidentify your personal data by destroying the same in such manner that the data shall be unreadable and irretrievable.


I. Under Republic Act Number 10173 otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, the Data Subject has the following rights:

  1. Right to be informed;
  2. Right to access;
  3. Right to object;
  4. Right to erasure/blocking;
  5. Right to rectify;
  6. Right to data portability;
  7. Right to damages; and
  8. Right to file a complaint.

II. For more information regarding your rights as a Data Subject, you may view the full text of the Data Privacy Act (Data Privacy Act) as well as its Implementing Rules and Regulations (Implementing Rules and Regulations).


I. Should you have any inquiries, concerns, or should you wish to exercise any of your rights as a Data Subject, you may reach our Data Protection Officer by accomplishing this Data Protection Concern form (Tagalog) (English). Accomplished forms should be sent to

II. Data Protection Officer: Ron A. Maldia

Contact Number: 0919 063 0583