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Republic Gas Corp.

Republic Gas Corp. is a 100% Filipino owned company operating all over Luzon. Established June 1998, REGASCO has been providing quality Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) product to dealers, retailers and to household customers.

Through the years, the company continuously builds its network of refilling plants all over Luzon. From a plant in Malabon way back 20 years ago, Regasco has now a total of Twenty-Five (25) Refilling Plants spanning from Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, NCR, Region 4A and Cebu.

As we grow, so does our drive for a Safe Working environment. All refilling plants has its own in-house safety measures, equipped and installed with firefighting system, employees of the plant (from refillers to and office support groups) were trained in basic firefighting and emergency response situations conducted by LPG/MA (LPG Marketers’ Association) Party List trainers.

REGASCO caters to downstream wholesale LPG buyers that goes to the plant, brings their LPG cylinders and have it refilled. Believing in efficient service, our refilling plants invested on transport fleets that deliver LPG cylinders to our dealers’ stores, outlet stores (LPG retailers and sari-sari stores) and commercial accounts such as bakeries, restaurants and others, moving about 10,000 Metric Tons (10,000,000 kilos) monthly.

A few years ago, pursuing our belief in providing quality service and product right at the doorsteps of the end-consumers, REGASCO engaged in direct retail. Our company opened One-Stop LPG Shops strategically located around our refilling plants area of operation under the REGASCO brand, delivering quality products and service directly to households.

To date, REGASCO has a total of more than Two hundred fifteen (215) One-Stop LPG Shops contributing more than 15% (about 1.5MT or 1,500,00 kilos per month of the company’s total Sales Volume.

REGASCO Company-Owned One-Stop LPG Shops

Each One-stop LPG shops covers an area of 5km radius from the store site or serving 100,000 households. The store cater to three (3) sales Channels: Households, Commercial Accounts (carinderias, bakeries, etc.) and Retail Outlets (sari-sari stores, hardwares, etc.).


From 25 one-stop LPG shops in 2014, REGASCO has grown its retail to more than 200 shops as of end June 2019. Moving a total volume of more than 1,500,000 kilos (1,500Metric Tons) per month.


REGASCO’s vast experience and proven business track record in downstream (retail) LPG industry, efficiently managing its operations, paved the way for the company to continue its expansion programs, as of November 2018, our company put up our 1st Refilling Plant in the Province of Cebu, Central Visayas, accompanied by fifteen (15) One-stop LPG Shops in Cebu City, Mandaue City, Cordova, Compostela, Consolacion, Liloan, Labangon, Danao, Bonifacio, Bogo and many more.